Martin Luther described the Holy Bible as the "cradle of Christ"...in other words: The Manger.
Not only at the Christmas stable, but all year-round,
God's people are fed at this Holy Cradle.
We are nourished at this Holy Table.
We are watered at this Holy Font.

This blog is a virtual gathering space where sermons from Bethlehem Lutheran Church (ELCA) and conversation around those weekly Scripture texts may be shared.

We use the Revised Common Lectionary so you can see what readings will be coming up, and know that we are joining with Christians around the globe "eating" the same texts each Sunday.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Five Pillars of Biblical Giving

I wrote this song for Stewardship Season at Bethlehem, October 7 - November 4, 2018, 
rolling out a new verse each week, during the Children's Talk...


It’s the five pillars of biblical giving  C   G
Giving is living  C
And living is giving  G  C

1) First are the fruits,   C
So strap on your boots  F  C
And take from the top   C   
the very best that you’ve got! — FIRST!     G   C

2) Then comes proportion              C      
It’s quite a contortion F  C
Our gifts will reflect C   
The total in the deck… G     C

So if if you got 10, C
Give 1 God, and keep the rest       G    C

How ‘bout thir-tee? C
Well that’s 3 for JC, 27 for me!     G     C

And a $1000? C
Well that’s a 100, you could… C   G 
You’re still lookin’ pretty good!   C 

You see offering is fun [slow] C
In thanks for God’s loving everyone!     G    C

3) Next is giving regularly,                                  C
Like sleeping at night or your afternoon tea        F     C
When we’re just the groove,                                     C
The Spirit really starts to mo-o-o-o-o-o-ove.        G    C

4) Now it time to flex your wit,                                          C
When you’re giving to God, it could hurt a little bit,     F       C
Sacrificial giving is always                                           C
bold and risky living.                                                  G      C

5) Well the last is the best,                         C
It soars above the rest,                           F      C
Our favorite part of this -- O Boy! —           C
is that giving’s simply a JOY!!!!  [ditty]     G     C

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