Martin Luther described the Holy Bible as the "cradle of Christ"...in other words: The Manger.
Not only at the Christmas stable, but all year-round,
God's people are fed at this Holy Cradle.
We are nourished at this Holy Table.
We are watered at this Holy Font.

This blog is a virtual gathering space where sermons from Bethlehem Lutheran Church (ELCA) and conversation around those weekly Scripture texts may be shared.

We use the Revised Common Lectionary so you can see what readings will be coming up, and know that we are joining with Christians around the globe "eating" the same texts each Sunday.

Saturday, July 7, 2018


Grace and peace, everyone!  This blog is the place I'll be posting my sermons.  You should also be able to access the audio and the podcast from here too.

May God go with you as you venture forth in doing the work Christ has sent you to do.

Pastor Dan.

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  1. Welcome, Pastor Dan!
    Excited to see the Blog. For everyone on the BLCLife mailing list, there will be a link to Pastor Dan's Blog, The Manger. You can also link to it from the BLC Website. Things are "Shaking!"